Time-sensitive material series

This series of  sculptural works begun in the Haystack Fablab in 2014. Starting with a form, made of a lump of clay, that is 3 D scanned and translated or transformed using locally found, unwanted materials and the method of slicing and stacking layers upon layers. The digital fabrication process allows a more complex view on the model and opens up interesting possibilities of working with form and material in different ways.

Many thanks to the Fablab at the RWTH Aachen for access to the digital fabrication tools and their support and inspiration.



Using the laser cutter, the profiles are cut out in 2 mm pulp-board ( handmade from recycled egg-cartons), and serving as model in order to plan and elaborate a large scale sculpture.

Another model hand cut into newsprint allows the visualization of a stretched version of the same form.


The material ( almost 5 tons of local loam, clay-earth, Lehmerde) for the large version was generously offered and delivered by a local construction company. Many thanks !!

During several months this earth was sifted, sorted from rocks and roots and formed into slabs in the shape of the news print profiles. Inspired by rudimentary earth constructions, these slabs are assembled together like bricks using only earth and water.

170 pieces, 65 layers, 1.8 tons of earth…

At this stage it was quite clear that once dried, the whole structure would be sound and not fall apart. My plan was to return the earth to the cycle, back to nature or constructing something else with it. With this process -based work I did not want to produce a sellable and collectible artwork, but to make people reflect about what we can and what we can not take with us.

The earth sculpture, entitled Time-sensitive material series #6: Computer gestützte Erweiterung der Erdwahrnehmung (computer supported augmentation of the perception of the earth) was exhibited during the Rundgang 2018 at the Alanus University as part of my master thesis exhibition.


After the exhibition,  the work was presented as a gift to my professors, the rest got filmed….




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