Nordic Symposium Day 3, Vartiosaari island

Vartiosaari, an island right beside Helsinki, is still a paradise , but unfortunately a huge residential development project will take over the island. One of the reasons why the symposium had chosen the site.. 10 days before the symposium took place, several artists from the nordic countries had started site specific art works on Vartiosaari. The opening was part of the symposium and very successful and inspiring.  Nature, Art, nice people and food, best atmosphere..

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Öster-Retais, Korppoo

I had to stay overnight since the ferry arrives at 9 pm in Korppoo, if ever you pass by that area I can warmly recommend the Faffas B&B,  a traditional Finnish farm house, very cosy and right beside the barefoot path, a beautiful sculpture trail. Yes, the bus to Turku still leaves right in front on the main road, but only once per day..