No wind

No wind, no action and many, many mosquitos and small and big flies, also called snippers since they snip of a piece of skin when they bite..  This is a new sculpture, twice as big as the squid, and made with heavier fabric, actually I transformed the hand towels I had used for the ‘Line’ and some old “Wäschesäcke” ( bags for things that need to be washed).


Evening walk

The trail beside the Reardon House is part of the Turpin trail in Tilting and leads over the hill to the village.  On the way is one of the studios of Fogo Island Arts. I walked this trail when I was for 1.5 days on Fogo Island in 2015 and really loved Sandy cove, the setting, the house, the trail, the wind, and the sheeps and I am very grateful to be able to work here for a month. I have met many people in the village who are all very welcoming and helpful. More and more visitors pass by the little house…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtilting2tilting3tilting4tilting5tilting6tilting7

Wind line

I started my research about the wind  by making a windsock to see and understand the wind force and direction. Well, the wind was quite strong yesterday, the whole installation was only up for 36 hours. The material for this I had actually found in Japan last year: recycled hand-towels that were used in public washroom, you had to pull on them, to get a dry piece of towel, remember ???  the continuous towel…

Line is 13 m long, around 30 towels sewn together..

line4line5lime5line6OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAline2line3