so much, to Dan Murphy and TRACS for inviting me to this wonderful place. To Mona, who came for visit, to help constructing and to share many good hikes and conversations.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And to Paul, who came to pick me up and who had to work hard for finishing the last installation,  packing and driving with me the 2277 km home…

Hommage to James Turrell

My visit to Naoshima last year and the encounters with several of Turrell’s work have left a deep impression on me. (check out Turrell’s “open sky”). The last 4 weeks on Fogo have allowed me to continue working on the ideas developed throughout my stay in Japan and Taiwan. They brought back many embodied memories, about digging holes, tying rope, cutting fabric… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAjam2

fabric walls

Depending on the light, the wind and the humidity, the walls are behaving different every moment. Unfortunately most of you have to imagine to be inside, but I am working on it to provide another opportunity for people to experience it: The walls have travelled with me to Finland and the project goes on…somehow, not sure yet… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERArea2rea3rea4rea5rea6rea7rea8rea9