Material for Fogo Island

The idea for this new project was inspired by my participation in an environmental art project in Taiwan in May 2016 for which I created a large-scale sculptural installation in form of an iceberg. Just the tip of the iceberg, was a result of my encounter with an iceberg in King’s Point, NFL and the installation in Taiwan was created with the help of volunteers using only bamboo, natural rope and recycled fabric. 47 white bed-sheets and duvet covers, donated by local hotels, were sewn together to cover the 7 m high bamboo structure Holes had to be cut into the fabric because of strong winds and some areas were left uncovered, which allowed for a partially open sky and a view from inside out. Depending on the wind, these immense pieces of fabric were blowing up like sails and took on new form every day (please view archived posts from June 2016).

In the same vein, the planned installations for the island project will consist in tailored structures made with recovered white fabric items that are intended to be activated by the wind. The material I will use includes old linen bed sheets and pillow covers, fabric napkins as well as a collection of 30 maiden-aprons. All these materials came with German immigrants to Quebec (probably before 1940) and became unwanted and are regarded as useless trash in today’s culture since they are stained and have holes, besides being outdated.