In between Islands

My upcoming project explores the concept of sustainability in art and culture through site-specific installations and participatory art using discarded materials and wind as an external activating force. This new residency project will be realised in partnership with The Reardon House Artist Retreat operated by the town of Tilting on Fogo Island, Newfoundland and with the Aland Archipelago Guest artist residency on the island of Kökar in Finland. During one month in each residency (July 1 -August 31) I want to find out how sculptural forms, installations as well as collaboration can be inspired by the wind and respond to the topography of a place as well as to the social and ecological context of these two islands.



The Reardon House Artist Retreat, Tilting, Fogo Island, NFL


One thought on “In between Islands

  1. Chère Regine! Wow! You inspire me so much! What a marvelous project and on 2 islands! I’ll be visiting your blog … I know Mona is arriving today… I’m jealous but soooo happy for both of you! What an experience you will have! J’ai bien hâte de te lire Regine! Sanders


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